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The business world has moved online by storm with the hit of COVID 19., We decided to take our 22 years of business online to meet our client's expertise. We know and understand that even if it's time for COVID 19 to leave us in peace. The world has changed forever therefore we have established a friendly online customer support team to assist our clients nationwide.

We work with clients from all over the country we can get your process started as soon as you complete the on strings attached online assessment form., Regulated with the NCR



1. On receipt of this request the Debt Counsellor will peruse my debt obligations;

2. I grant permission for the Debt Counsellor to access my Credit Report to ensure the latest credit listings and accounts

3. This form must be accompanied by a list of all credit providers as well as copies of all documents requested

4. This is only an assessment and not an application for debt review and NO PERMISSION is granted to place me under debt review or other processes.

5. I understand I cannot be placed under debt review if I have not completed, signed, and submitted the prescribed NCR Form 16 to a debt counselor. This document is not Form 16.  

6. I understand that this process shall not reflect on or affect my credit records. 

Notw that you read and understand the information above we like to help you complete the online assessment form.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the home page

2. Click on the ONLINE ASSESSMENT  option

3. You just landed on the assessment form.

4. Complete the form by adding all the required information as stated on from

5. When you did hit the sent button., and congratulations you have submitted you assessment.

6. You will receive an email from your team followed by a phone call. 






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