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NCR Accredited Debt Counsellors

     Futuristic Debt Counsellors Financial Services are a team of leading Debt Counselling- and financial consultants assisting consumers who are having difficulty meeting their financial obligations.


We are based in Bloemfontein and the greater Mangaung Metro region but assist consumers throughout South Africa.

We have vast experiences in the Debt Counselling industry since 1999 and is registered with the National Credit Regulator, Registration Number 1770. Furthermore, the principal, Johnny Jansen, serves on the National Executive Committee of the Debt Counselling Association of South Africa (DCASA) with Membership Number 0585.

We negotiate directly with the creditors to reduce monthly payments and interest rates to affordable instalments. This will ensure that there is sufficient money left for important living expenses, i.e., groceries, transport, school/university fees, electricity, clothes, etc.

The Covid 19 pandemic has worsened consumers’ financial situations and our team is able to assist with reduced payments to creditors.


Being so long in this business, we have had excellent relationships with all Banking institutions and major creditors ensuring that we can negotiate the best payment plan to suit consumers financial requirements and to ensure that their houses, cars, furniture and other valuable assets are protected.

All our systems are technologically advanced and you can apply online in the comfort of your own home.

Our dedicated professional consultants are only a phone call away.


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Our 9 years experience of Debt counselling

Our 9 years of experience of providing a service of helping people of all classes to be debt give us pride. Because we really want to help.

We meet you halfway to go with you all the way debt free.

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