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Getting out of debt is a journey we will take you on that journey to get you completely free from debt
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Established Relationships

Our most rewarding achievement is that clients become our friend

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You can rest assured that all information will be treated as private

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Disadvantages of Debt Review

your spouse must have an steady income

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Advantages of Debt Review

when your accounts have been settled a clearance certificate is issued and your credit profile updated

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The Debt Review process

the process has been established to assist develop a repaying plan which is affordable

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What is Debt Counselling?

available to all South African citizens to create over-indebted consumers who struggle with their account

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    On receipt of this request the Debt Counselor will peruse my debt obligations;

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    . I grant permission for the Debt Counsellor to access my Credit Report to ensure latest credit listings and accounts

  • 3

    This form must be accompanied by a list of all credit providers as well as copies of all documents requested

  • 4

    This is only an assessment and not an application for debt review and NO PERMISSION is granted to place me under debt review or other processes.

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    . I understand I cannot be placed under debt review if I have not completed, signed and submitted the prescribed NCR Form 16 to a debt counsellor. This document is not Form 16.

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    Please take: note understand that this process shall not reflect on or affect my credit records.

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